We will make a pizza. Easy enough.
We will make a pizza using only  Icelandic ingredients- easy enough.
Sure it´s easy, but is it enough?

Make a pizza pie from local ingredients.
It´s a real pie, but it´s bigger than that.
It´s a metaphor.
Nevertheless it will taste good.
How could it not? It´s pie for Pete´s sake!

But it´s more than a pizza party, it´s about being
conscious of our consumption.
Where do all the ingredients come from?For the pizza? For your life?
What kind of toppings can you do without?
You are the pizza, isn´t it obvious?
“Be the pizza you wish to see in the world.”
Acting locally, thinking locally.
Your world becomes smaller, cozier, safer, the globe itself bigger.

Is that the Idea?
Do we need access to oranges overnight?
Tuna tataki transported trans continentally from Tokyo to tickle your taste buds?
Instead of keeping import avenues open,
let us keep communication corridors clear of clutter.
Where did the ingredients for your own pizza originate?

The pizza is the easy part:
flour, water, cheese, tomato- bam!
You´ve got yourself a margherita.
Maybe you´re not so simple, fancy yourself a “Supreme”.
That´s a little harder, but all the ingredients are here,
in pastures, in greenhouses, you just have to find them,
then, chow down!

When we eat, we talk, the dinner table, 
the meeting place since infancy.
Why not talk over a locally sourced pizza-pie?
See what else comes up.
After all, we´re here for the same reasons, aren´t we?

Start at pizza and work our way outward from there.
Outside the pizza box, so to speak.
What´s in the box anyway?
It´s an idea, a launch pad (lunch pad?)
for something bigger- a smaller world?
Not the world itself, but your world,
the slice of the “world pie”
that it takes to satisfy your appetite,
your hunger for food, for possessions, for the exotic.

Where does it come from? What does it really cost?
That´s what we should talk about,
over a hot, fresh, local, pizza-pie.