We have only one world

Despite being among the world leaders in clean energy utilization, Icelanders have one of the largest ecological footprints in the world.
Living on an island, Icelanders rely heavily on imported goods. Everyday items such as food, clothing, and electronics are shipped from abroad by air or by sea to be consumed in Iceland. This burns harmful fossil fuels and creates excessive waste from packaging. 

The average ecological footprint of an Icelander is 6.4 global hectares (gha)—placing Iceland 130th out of 140 countries as reported by the Happy Planet Index. In order to live within the biocapacity of planet Earth, each person would need to consume less than 1.7 gha. So if every person in the world had the same consumption habits as an Icelander, we would need almost 4 planet Earths to sustain us. 

The food we eat is responsible for almost a third of the global carbon footprint, and it often travels long distances from their place of origin to our homes. In our supermarkets and stores, we have little idea about how our food was produced or how it came to be on the shelves. By consuming locally produced food we know exactly where it comes from and since it doesn’t travel far—from farm to fork—we reduce harmful emissions from transportation and reduce plastic waste from packaging.

We need to understand the impacts we have on the planetary boundaries and recognize that our everyday choices do in fact matter. Flatbökusamsteypan wants to empower people to take action by presenting a simple and adaptable way of adjusting our consumption habits.

We have only one world.